8 May, 2010, Cape Town, South Africa

In association with ICSE'10

Accepted Papers

9 full papers

  • Tracking clones’ imprint. Angela Lozano, and Michel Wermelinger
  • Are Scripting Languages Really Different? Chanchal K. Roy, and James Cordy
  • Achieving Accurate Clone Detection Results. Elmar Juergens, and Nils Göde
  • Actively Comparing Clones Inside The Code Editor. Ferosh Jacob, Daqing Hou, and Patricia Jablonski
  • Model Clone Detection in Practice. Florian Deissenboeck, Benjamin Hummel, Elmar Juergens, Michael Pfaehler, and Bernhard Schaetz
  • Distinguishing Copies from Originals in Software Clones. Jens Krinke, Nicolas Gold, Yue Jia, and David Binkley
  • Clone Removal: Fact or Fiction? Nils Göde
  • Finding Similar Defects Using Synonymous Identifier Retrieval. Norihiro Yoshida, Takeshi Hattori, and Katsuro Inoue
  • Challenging cloning related problems with GPU-based algorithms. Thierry Lavoie, Michael Eilers-Smith, and Ettore Merlo

9 short papers

  • Clone Detection by Exploiting Assembler. Ian Davis, and Michael Godfrey
  • Quo Vadis, Clone Management? Jan Harder, and Nils Göde
  • A Hybrid Approach (Syntactic and Textual) to Clone Detection. Marco Funaro, Daniele Braga, Alessandro Campi, and Carlo Ghezzi
  • Towards a multi-scale approach for source code approximate match report. Michel Chilowicz, Etienne Duris, and Gilles Roussel
  • Issues in Clone Classification for Dataflow Languages. Nicolas Gold, Jens Krinke, Mark Harman, and Dave Binkley
  • Hot Clones: a Shotgun Marriage of Search-Driven Development and Clone Management. Nikolaus Schwarz, Erwann Wernli, and Adrian Kuhn
  • Are Clones Harmful for Maintenance? Stan Jarzabek, and Yixing Xue
  • Classifying Code Clones with Configuration. Toshihiro Kamiya
  • Toward Identifying Inter-project Clone Sets. Yoshiki Higo, Kensuke Tanaka, and Shinji Kusumoto